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Can-Do - Crow Creek - Sioux Indian Reservation


  The Problem: Exploitation on the Reservation
The Solution: Jan 09 The Return: Sept 08 The Assessment: June 08

The Assessment: Jun 08
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UPDATE - January 2009

CAN-DO has recently completed an on-site assessment at the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota in order to gather evidence on the current living conditions being endured by the local community. The assessment team gathered information from conducting interviews shooting video footage and raw photographic imagery straight from the source. The thorough documentation and analysis process is essential for CAN-DO to establish a direct approach that will result in lasting relief for the impoverished people in Crow Creek.

The evidence was insurmountable. Deep shame surfaces in the reality of abuse and blatant human rights violations that are happening here, in the United States. Socioeconomic disparity, coupled with unsanitary living conditions and lack of proper education have harvested a community of American's on a burning decline. Electrical power companies gauge prices and disconnect heat in the frigid winter months. Lack of plumbing, clean water and fresh, unprocessed foods has led to severe increases of illness, disease and mortality. With our nations head turned, poverty has exploded in the region, generating a decrease in education and medical accessibility, in turn, increasing unemployment and the communities struggle to survive.

There are a vast amount of issues needing to be addressed on the Crow Creek Reservation. CAN-DO is focused on working with the local community to meet their immediate survival needs while improving the overall quality of life. We'll start by providing sustainable solutions, integrating long-term plans and by seeking and utilizing the skill and ability of the people in the region. In order to make this happen CAN-DO will partner with the locals on the development of their community, including training programs, projects to increase employment and independence. Coherent accountability will enable locals to enable themselves. With the aid and assistance of the nation, we can unify, pool our resources and help our brothers and sisters at Crow Creek rise from the ashes.


Crow Creek - Dekota Indian Reservation - September 2008

Detailed expense report for Crow Creek project.
On Saturday, September 20th 2008, CAN-DO will be at Crow Creek participating in the "A Day of Dignity" project, a humanitarian effort to be held at Crow Creek Indian Reservation, Fort Thompson, South Dakota. In its second year of existence, this humanitarian event was started to provide immediate need assistance for this impoverished Dekota tribal community of 2800 people as well as others in dire need in the area.

Day of Dignity is an idea…. It's a concept that says that a person in crisis, whether it is homelessness, poverty or illness should be able to obtain assistance from those around them with dignity. They should not be dehumanized into a number or a "case file" but recognized, regardless of their current state that they are a human being deserving dignity & respect.

In so doing we seek to help those struggling to maintain or to improve their situation. We seek to help those needing medical help, mental health assistance or just needing someone to show they care.

It is a coming together of faith communities, organizations, corporations & individuals for the sake of humanity right here at our doorsteps.

It is our opportunity to show America believes in human dignity & human rights & that we will practice this here and in our own United States helping the less fortunate in this land of plenty.


CAN-DO was in Oakville, Iowa distributing supplies that were donated from various places, Fresh Produce, a boutique clothes line, donated boxes and boxes of brand new clothing, Airline Ambassadors partnered with CAN-DO supplying Can-DO with numerous supplies to help

the people of Oakville.

After the day of distribution there were many boxes of clothes left over. CAN-DO with the encouragement from the people of Oakville, brought the remaining clothes to the people of Crow creek. The people in Oakville put into action, suffering people reaching out and giving aid to others that are also in need.

On August 10th, CAN-DO loaded up the trucks and headed to South Dakota.

On our initial visit, Peter Lengkeek, a member of Crow Creek, took us on a tour of the Crow Creek Indian Reservation. Along the tour Peter shared the travesty his people endure. The Crow Creek tribe located 60 miles from the nearest interstate has a population of 2800, as well as an 80% unemployment rate.

With a housing shortage and a lack of adequate housing, it is commonplace to have 8 adults and 10 children living in a single family house, which still only brings in a combined income of less than $10,000.00 per year.

The reservation covers an area of about 400 square miles within Hyde, Hughes, and Buffalo counties. Of this area about 35 square miles are covered by major reservoirs and about 200 square miles are owned by the tribe or tribal members.

Most of Buffalo County is made up of Crow Creek Indian Reservation. It is the nation's poorest county. The 2000 US Census said that Buffalo county had more poor children than any other county in the nation.

The latest census showed that a great many homes don't have kitchens, plumbing or telephones. The number of homes in Buffalo county without these basic services is increasing.

All of this leads to a greater need for services from the outside to help this community's families survive & stave off preventable health risks .


1) CAN-DO, is in the process of trying to finish building a community thrift store (35x55) metal pole barn that is half built. They have erected the building and are in need of concrete to finish the slab and also insulation, 2x4,2x6, drywall, conduit pipe and electrical wiring to complete the store. With this, they will also need a forced air heating and cooling system and also a pellet stove. Our goal is to get the materials as fast as possible with the intentions of having the building complete for the Day of Dignity Event, September 20th, 2008. We can have it finished in and ready for use in 10 days.

Total cost for this project is $17,000.

We would prefer to have the material donated because we have the labor force ready and waiting to finish this.

2) Still needed for distribution day-
Diapers various sizes
Baby formula w/iron
Baby clothing
Non perishable foods
Diabetic non perishable foods
Winter clothing (child and adult) jackets, hats, gloves /mittens, boot, socks,
underwear (new)
Art supplies (water color paints, oils, poster board, beads and bead making
materials, etc)

3) Also, this year, due to their recommendations, we are encompassing a Children's Fair with our distribution & health fair. This will allow the children to have to enjoy a carnival of games, balloons & fun, in addition to receiving school backpacks, new clothing items, refurbished bikes & health screenings.

We are seeking:

· Face paint
· Helium balloons
· Frisbees & other "prizes" that can be distributed to every child.
· Tempra paint for the children's paint booth
· Paint brushes for the children's paint booth
· Beach balls & other large out-door vinyl balls

Please join CAN-DO ( in person or virtually live ( on Saturday September 20th, 2008 from Crow Creek Dekota Indian Reservation in Ft. Thompson SD.

We invite any and all organizations that would like to be part of this to please contact us. All groups are welcome, from grassroots to faith based with the understanding that we have no prophetizing... show your belief and faith through charity....


Lode Star Hotel, Fort Thompson S.D.

There will also be a bus leaving from Sioux Falls the morning of the 20th taking people to the event.

Thank you!


If you would like to volunteer for this project or future projects please contact: or

If you would like to send donation please send to:

Victor David
3101 SW Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

All donated items will be distributed live on September 20th and be viewed at
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