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Can-Do - Rwanda, Kagugu School Project

Kagugu Education Revitalization Project

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Kagugu School, Rwanda
After CAN-DO’s advanced assessment of the Kagugu School and study of the Rwandan education system, the CAN-DO Team returned to the US on September 28 th, 2007 with confidence in the progress made and partnerships established for our Education Revitalization Project. We had the honor of meeting with key officials and community leaders including the Minister of Education, Jeanne D'Arc Mujawamariya, and together coordinated the strategic plan to ensure the success of the program.



Establish a model school and community learning center to promote effective community-based development and long-term prosperity through improving educational equity, teacher training, and long-term economic stability with trade & entrepreneurial development programs for the population at risk, thereby:


    • Promoting self-reliance through reducing illiteracy;
    • Improving the status of education through community development, teacher training and trade & entrepreneurial development opportunities;
    • Offering livelihood and income generation opportunities and thus diminishing the cycle of poverty;
    • Working to reduce unemployment through fostering ethical entrepreneurship and trade development;
    • Promoting cooperation of local communities, non-profit organizations, local academic institutions, and international businesses;
    • Encouraging long-term economic stability through working in conjunction with the Government of Rwanda to promote the growth of local economies highlighting ethical business practices and environmental stewardship.


CAN-DO Network :


      • International Educational Exchange
      • The Government of Rwanda
      • Christie Communications’ Global Betterment Sector – Promoting ethical entrepreneurship and market access.
      • Green2Gold – Environmental Inventors Incubator.

Solution :

The Kagugu Primary School, just outside of the capital city Kigali in Rwanda, Africa, serves over 2,750 children from First through Sixth Grade. The Kagugu Primary School will serve as the model school and community learning center that will set the standard for all schools throughout the country.

This will be done in three phases:

Phase I Structural Development


A. Immediate reconstruction of all school facilities, classrooms, and surrounding areas.

B. Completion of the new library, reading room and teacher training center (Opening date set for January 16th, 2008).

-This facility will be the centerpiece of the school and used by the community to train teachers and to provide literacy programs to all local community members, building bridges of understanding.

This will be done in partnership with IEE and the Rwandan Government to construct:

1. Classrooms ($8,000 per classroom)

-CAN-DO has committed to constructing 13 classrooms and the Rwandan government has agreed to rehabilitate the 12 already in place.

2. Athletic Facilities and school grounds/landscaping ($40-65k) -Including a soccer field, a playground, and basketball courts.

3. Art Wing ($8,000)

4. Computer Center

-The Government has committed to providing premiere telecommunications services for internet learning and multimedia training, as well as the IT resources required to ensure the best facilities for the students.

  • Finish the interior of the library. ($25,000)

Phase II Resource Development

 1. Expansion of the International Education Exchange’s School2School Partnership Programs™.

- In December 2005, The International Education Exchange launched its inaugural School2School Partnership Program™. Over the past two years, this program has continued to succeed and develop with over 5 teachers traveling to Rwanda to share teaching techniques and build bridges of understanding through education, locally and globally. We plan to continue to expand this program through strengthening the Partner School Members with extended international outreach programs projected for first quarter of 2008.

2. Expansion of School’s Resources

-Developing CAN-DO’s Global Book Drives to build school’s resources.

3. Development and implementation of Trade Development/Vocational Training Programs

-This program has been drafted and developed in coordination with Rwanda’s Minister of Education, Jeanne D'Arc Mujawamariya to establish the bridge between education and entrepreneurship and trade development. A specialized curriculum is in development focused on ethical entrepreneurship and business in Rwanda which will be paired with apprenticeship opportunities.

Phase III Entrepreneurial/Trade Development

1. Implementation of the proven Green2Gold Environmental Inventor’s Incubator and Entrepreneur’s Workshops.

-It is vital to address the critical issues of local economic development through the effective implementation of the Green2Gold Inventors Incubator to provide the framework to support local business development, environmental entrepreneurship, and long-term investment in locally-relevant solutions that will simultaneously promote livelihood development, community empowerment and long-term economic stability.

2. Ethical Enterprise Development™

-Expansion of the Green2Gold projects will be supported and assisted to expand through the framework of the G2G Incubator, Christie Communications, and the Government of Rwanda to promote economic stability and market access to support the development of local economies.

Impact :

The CAN-DO Network has joined with the Government of Rwanda to turn tragedy into triumph through the effective development of local educational and entrepreneurial resources. Our specialized Ready for Reading™ Program provides proven methods to promote effective education that simultaneously build bridges of understanding amongst both the local and the international communities.

Ultimately, more than 2,700 students annually will have the opportunity to brighten their futures and the lives of their families and their communities through the development of effective educational programs and ethical entrepreneurial opportunities. The Government of Rwanda is confident in the success of the Kagugu Education Revitalization Project and plans to export this model to all schools in Rwanda, providing a brighter future, one student at a time.

The CAN-DO Team is returning to Rwanda in three weeks and needs your help. Reiterating the CAN-DO Philosophy, every step of the Kagugu Education Revitalization Project will be thoroughly documented through paper transparency, video updates and live feed from the field through CAN-DO’s revolutionary website.

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